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Music Bulletin September 2016


  • Music News Bulletin September 2016


    Firstly, I would like to give a shout out to all of you who have supported the development of St Paul’s music over the last few years. All children have had the opportunity to play a variety of instruments in class band outcomes at the end of each term and with fantastic results. This year we have decided to give your children further opportunities by developing their compositional and song writing skills. This means that outcomes will not be a guaranteed fixture at the end of each term as we develop this new, challenging and exciting curriculum, although we will continue to give children the opportunity to perform when possible. Our aim is that all children will be able to compose and structure a song and/or piece of music, with at least 4 overlapping parts by the end of year 6. These skills are generally developed at GCSE level but we believe they can be achieved much younger than that. We look forward to your continued support this year!!!


    Mr B :-)