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Good attendance is essential in ensuring that children have every opportunity to enjoy school, do their best learning, establish, maintain healthy relationships and achieve their potential. We rely on parents to support this drive and over many years, we are very proud of the clear improvements in our attendance rate which is now well-above the national average.


Please note that holidays are never permitted during term-time and, in line with the government's expectations, those which are taken are not authorised.  Click on link below for this year's term dates.

If your child is absent


The school has been working hard to ensure that all children’s attendance is over 95%. The school’s effectiveness is measured on the attendance of all its pupils and cannot be judged as an outstanding school with attendance lower than the national average (over 96%).  We know that children are genuinely unwell however there are times when excessive absence or absence which suggest a recurring pattern will flag as a concern.  We hope that by making you aware of your child’s attendance and our school target, we can work with you to ensure outstanding attendance. 


To help you understand more clearly, we categorise attendance in the following ways:


100%                                                        Attendance is outstanding

Green zone - 95% or more                   Attendance is very good, above school target and at national                                                                                   expectations

Amber zone - between 90%-95%       Attendance is monitored for improvement

Red zone - between 85%-90%           Attendance is a cause for concern

Red alert zone - below 85%                The Government judge that absence is PERSISTANT and can result in                                                                        legal action


Please contact the school if you know your child is not going to come to school.  You can do this by:

  • calling the school office on 020 8748 4951 and leaving a message
  • sending the school a text message by replying to one we have sent you previously
  • emailing the school by following the ‘Get in Touch’ link from the ‘Contact Us’ menu on the school website


To clarify, if your child is absent we will:

  • text you on the first day of absence if we have not had a message from you
  • text on the second day of absence if we have not heard from you
  • call again after 3 days to see when you expect your child to return to school
  • ask for a doctors certificate if your child is absent for more than 5 days


We constantly monitor all the children’s attendance, usually half termly, and if your child’s attendance is not above 95% we will:

  • text you if we feel your child’s attendance is in danger of becoming a concern
  • write to you enclosing a copy of your child’s attendance certificate to advise you that their attendance is not at the expected level
  • text you to let you know if your child’s attendance is improving or not
  • make arrangements for you to meet with the Headteacher to discuss how we might help you improve your child’s attendance.
  • ask for medical evidence if required


To encourage good attendance we:

  • announce class attendance in the weekly newsletter
  • present the class with the best attendance a cup in Friday’s assembly
  • give extra play to the class that wins the attendance cup
  • text all parents half termly to let them know which attendance zone your child is in
  • present every child who achieves 100% attendance in a term with a certificate
  • hold a draw for the children who have had 100% attendance in a term to win a £10 voucher
  • present every child who has achieved 100% attendance and punctuality for the whole year with a prize.