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At St Paul's, we believe learning is central to all we do and our core purpose. We approach learning in exciting, enriching and creative ways, in order to engage, inspire and enthuse our children.

Children are taught that learning is a gift to be grateful for; Every individual has a duty to make their best effort to 'grow' their own learning. We see that this ignites excitement and a sense of self-belief and pride.

Teacher and support staff use prior learning to support children's progress; targets, feedback and highly-effective marking encourage children to celebrate their successes and strive to improve.


Throughout the school, lessons are carefully planned to add challenge for all. Each child is supported and challenged according to their prior attainment, their strengths and areas for development. On a half termly basis, children are assessed to track attainment and progress. Staff respond to children's needs, planning additional interventions to support children who may need help to do their best.


Children learn in the three phases: Early Years Foundation Stage, Key Stage One and Key Stage Two. Find out a little more about a day in each phase below:

Click below to find out more about the different teaching and learning approaches which are used at St Paul's: