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Our Collective Worship Programme

Collective worship sessions are held each day; these are special times to gather together, pray, reflect, listen to stories from the Bible and think how we can live better lives.


Collective worship varies over the week and is Christian in its character. A general overview of the week includes:



The whole school gathers together for collective worship led by the Headteacher. This worship introduces the theme of the week; each term has a different focus. Most weeks, there will be a discussion about the theme, a picture book or word puzzle, a story from the Bible, prayers and reflection. Children may come and help with aspects of the worship and will share their thoughts, views and feelings.



The whole school gathers together for singing worship. Miss Lindsay shares a wealth of Christian songs and hymns to sing, praise and worship; this is a lively and engaging session. Prayers are said to end worship.



Each class holds a collective worship session in their classroom, led by the class teacher and the children. This is a chance to have a much more intimate prayer and worship session where the theme of the week can be explored in more detail and children can ask and respond to scenarios and bigger questions.



The whole school gathers together at our sister church, St Paul's Hammersmith. Our church team, lead a class session with one of the classes sharing drama, storytelling and prayer. Parents and carers are welcomed to these worship sessions.  The worship will often focus on a particular theme or character from the Bible and the children will lead prayers at the end of the session. A lively singing session ends the visit and sends us back to school with a spring in our step!



The whole school gathers together to give thanks for the week and find out all the amazing things which have been going on in the school. This is led by a member of the teaching staff along with a member of the leadership team and provides a chance for us to recognise and celebrate those who have kept our rules and lived our values during the week.