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Our Core Values

We have four core values which underpin all we do:


Communication is a vital skill. If children are to grow up, interact successfully and go on to lead happy, productive and successful lives, they must learn to communicate effectively. During their time at St Paul's, we teach children how to communicate orally, in writing, through use of their expression and body language and through the use of fast changing technology.



Creativity, in its very widest sense, is something we value greatly at St Paul's. We want children to understand process as well as outcomes. We want children to be innovative, confident and forward thinking, happy to calculate risk and push themselves to think outside the box and try things which are out of their own comfort zone. We aim to challenge children, make them think differently and encourage them to be resourceful learners with passion.



Respect is fundamental; our school would not be the unique and special place it is today without a drive that respect should be at the core of what we do. Our Christian ethos makes this a very strong value in our school. Respect is far reaching - respect of self, of others, of the environment and of our world are key to building and growing a harmonious learning community. From the words we choose to use to the care we take of the equipment which supports learning, from the resolve to be inclusive and challenging in the face of discrimination to the emphasis on responsibility, team work and belonging, we believe our focus on respect can contribute to a better world for our children in the future.



Self-belief is crucial if we, as humans, are to achieve our potential. We acknowledge that there are times when self-belief is weakened and we strive to embed a sense of self-worth, love of self and understanding of the very important part each and everyone of us plays in the lives of others. We challenge children to want to fulfil their potential and respond to their own next steps. so that they meet their personal best. Sometimes, children can surprise us with a talent or skill which they possess but don't share openly. We want children to have confidence to share with others and to feel a sense of pride in their own achievements.