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Our Mission & Aims

Our Mission

“Living, Loving & Learning Together”

Underpinned by spirituality founded in the Christian virtues of faith, hope and love, and in the belief that good learning creates opportunity and is key in transforming lives, we want to be a school community which gives itself to:

Living Together:

We provide a safe, secure and stimulating environment where every person develops self belief

in order to participate in life, understand responsibilities and become confident members of

our community.

Loving Together:

We encourage forgiveness, trust and acceptance of every person. We celebrate the diversity of

our school and community and encourage respect of God, self, others, the environment and the

wider world.

Learning Together:

We share high expectations, encourage aspiration and promote effective communication and

collaboration. We challenge each person to welcome creativity and gain skills of self motivation,

resourcefulness, enquiry and effective problem finding and solving.


Our Aims

We aim to:

• Develop the whole learner as a person who is created in God’s image.

• Promote Christian values and opportunities to worship God and celebrate the special nature

of our church school whilst recognising the richness and diversity of our children, families

and local community.

• Value the input of all children, parents, staff and governors in realising the vision for our

school and living our agreed core values: Self belief, Respect, Communication, Creativity

underpinned by Spirituality in all we do.

• Create a secure, safe and stimulating environment which enables and supports learners in

understanding that mistakes are part of the learning process and result in deeper learning.

• Motivate every individual to be the best they can be, instilling a sense of confidence, self

worth, determination and aspiration.

• Foster enquiry through an innovative and creative curriculum which supports enjoyment

and achievement and allows learners to make choices and to acquire, apply and transfer

key life skills.

• Enable each learner to acquire knowledge, skills and practical abilities and the purpose

and the opportunities to apply them.

• Instil a clear understanding of rights and responsibilities to develop self control, cooperation

and negotiation.

• To prepare children for their future lives in a complex and rapidly changing world, teaching

them to value the cultural diversity of different lifestyles and religions.

• To develop effective relationships between pupils, staff, parents, our local church and the

wider community.

• To create learning opportunities for governors and staff including a quality offer for Continuing

Professional Development and opportunities to celebrate team and individual achievement.


Download a copy of our school mission and aims here: