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Pupil Premium


St Paul's is a Church of England School voluntary-aided school which is located in central Hammersmith.
It includes a nursery class within an integrated Foundation Stage unit.
The school has one form of entry and the proportion of the children eligible for pupil premium is wellabove
the national average. The largest groups within the school are white-British, black-Caribbean and
black-African. Over three quarters of children are from ethnic groups other than white-British and over
a third of children have English as an additional language.
The proportion of pupils with special educational needs supported at school action, school action plus, and
through a statement of special educational needs are all above the national average. The school’s
deprivation indicator is almost double the national.
Identification and Selection
The following criteria are used to identify need and allocate support:
 Pupils entitled to FSM or those previously entitled in the previous 6 years
 those individuals and groups who are under achieving
 those identified as needing additional support to help raise attainment and close the gap between
them and their peers.

Click below to see the school's plans for the grant 2015-16 with data and 2016-17 plans