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Reading at St Paul's

Reading is central to all learning and an important skill which all children need in order to succeed across the curriculum.

Children benefit hugely from exposure to books from an early age and require lots of opportunities to engage with books which develop their interest and imagination. They need to be encouraged to choose and read books freely and independently, as well as enjoying bokos read by adults.

We aim that children develop a love  of books and reading. Each classroom has a class library so that children can engage with books each day, motivating them to see value in reading for knowledge and enjoyment. Children's views are sought twice a year on their current reading interests, popular themes and loved authors; class libraries are replenished based on children's requests and interests.


Reading is an integral part of each day of learning at St Pauls; children will learn to read and practise reading every day.

This can occur in a variety of ways, including:

  • A guided reading lesson with a teacher or teaching assistant, working on skills beyond current attainment
  • Independent reading sessions for enjoyment
  • Independent and group reading activities, focusing on key skills to learn, practise or investigate
  • Whole class reading opportunities, when children can focus on the flow or use of intonation or expression
  • Reading a set of instructions in a maths, science or design technology lesson
  • Reading a class novel or piece of modelled quality writing
  • Reading some information in a geography, history or Religious Education lesson
  • Reading a text and answering questions about the content



At St Paul's, we use a range of reading schemes to support the teaching of reading, including:

  • PM (Plus)
  • Big Cat Collins
  • Oxford Reading Tree
  • Comics for Phonics

These books are levelled to ensure continuity and progression until children reach fluency. Children are encouraged to select a levelled book which is at their level of accuracy, fluency and comprehension alongside a book chosen from their class library for enjoyment (this might be a book they have read before and feel confident to re-read, a book which is beyond their own skills but can be read to them or a book which they think they might enjoy reading alone or with someone at home).


Once a child has reached a level of confidence with their reading and is working at a good level of comprehension and understanding (usually at the level expected of an average Year 2 child), they can chose two books which they would like to read at home.

A variety of reading material is provided for enjoyment and engagement, including:

  • Picture books
  • Short chapter books
  • Longer novels and chapter books
  • Non-fiction texts
  • Magazines, newspapers and comics