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Roles and Reponsibilities

Roles and Responsibilities 

Each of us has an important part to play in making our school and community the best it can be. 


Children are encouraged to take on roles and responsibilities around our school from a very early age. As children grow in their understanding of community and citizenship, they may choose to take on key responsibilities. 


Some of these roles are nominated by and/or voted for by children and some responsibilities are awarded by staff who recognise the children who are role models in our school community:

  • Head Girl and Head Boy
  • Deputy Head Girl and Deputy Head Boy
  • School Councillors
  • House Captains (St Andrew, St David, St George, St Patrick)
  • Peer Restorers (supporting the restorative approaches used at St Paul's)
  • Recycling Monitors
  • Collective Worship Monitors
  • Environment Monitors


We wear badges with pride to show that we have responsibilities to look after our school family.
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