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Our Head Teacher

Mrs Claire Fletcher, our Headteacher



Dear Visitor,


I would like to warmly welcome you to St Paul's CE Primary School.


In my sixteenth year as Headteacher here, I am incredibly proud to lead this small, welcoming primary school where we hold the belief that every child should and can grow, flourish, develop and share their strengths, talents and gifts. Our Christian ethos, inspired by Jesus' declaration: 'I am the light of the world' influences us to develop as a community together and promote a love of learning and a deep sense of making positive relationships in our community. 


Our ethos is fundamental to what we do each and everyday; this is seen in the way we live together, our promotion of compassion and respect for each other, the development of a strong sense of justice and in expectation that every child and adult will be 'a light' in our school family, their home, our community and in the wider world. We want our children to grow into respectful, confident and happy young adults who thrive in healthy and positive relationhips. 


We are very blessed to enjoy a rich, stimulating and well-resourced learning environment, close to the excellent opportunities offered by Central London. We empower children to develop strong

self-belief, acquire a love of learning and experience a sense of pride in celebrating their achievements. We aim to develo children to have interests, passions and a love for learning. We build ambition through our curriculum and responsibiity through our ethos. To fulfil all of this, I am lucky to be supported by a very established, stable and dedicated staff team, who work hard to meet the mission of our school and do their very best for our children and families.


As you browse through our website, I hope that you will appreciate the 'family feel' of our small and friendly school which we believe makes us very special. I hope that you enjoy finding out a little more about us and how we approach the curriculum. We welcome your questions and comments and warmly invite and encourage you to visit us to see if St Paul's CE could be the right school for your child and family.


With very best wishes,


Claire Fletcher