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School Meals

Our school meals are cooked on site in our purpose built dining centre by The Pantry School Meals Service.

The Pantry work hard to promote health and nutrition throughout the whole school.

  • Nutrition is at the heart of their menu development ensuring school food is packed with nutrients.
  • They do not use artificial trans fats or any undesirable food additives in their recipes.
  • The Pantry's chefs are trained in healthy cooking methods to retain the nutrients in foods whilst restricting the fat content.
  • Their nutritionists visit schools and talk to pupils about eating well and keeping active.
  • They help pupils to learn valuable life skills such as growing vegetables and cookery, empowering pupils to maintain a healthy lifestyle.
  • The Pantry guarantee that their menu meets current standards to school food.

The Pantry School Meals Service

Please click here to learn all about our catering service at the school.

This includes contact and sign up information.

The school meals system is run completely by The Pantry, including payments

and the ordering of food.