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A polite notice regarding birthday cakes, treats and party bags



Please note that we do not share birthday cakes, treats or party bags.

Staff will not be able give these out.


Many parents would rather limit and monitor the amount of treats (sweets, cakes, chocolate and biscuits) eaten by their child/ren. Some of our children have very severe food allergies and must avoid certain foods. This makes these children very vulnerable and it is important that they do not consume foods that may contain items that may cause an allergic reaction.


We will still be happy to celebrate your child’s birthday by singing happy birthday at our Friday ‘celebration of light’ gathering with their school family.


We are hoping that some of you may feel you wish to support an alternative solution. If you would like your child to donate a book for our very special book nook, we would be happy to accept a donation of £5 and we will purchase a high quality book to be added to the book nook. This book will be presented by your child at Friday’s school worship and we include a book plate (note inside a book) showing WHO donated the book and which birthday they were celebrating with the date.


We look forward to celebrating your child’s birthday safely.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.