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Oracy is the ability to speak clearly and confidently, adapting tone and style to suit the needs of the audience. It is a key skill in the wider world and prepares children for the future world of interviews and interactions.

In our school, a key focus of oracy is precision of language. Children are expected to speak in full sentences and use Standard English. Filler phrases such as ‘like’, ‘basically’ and ‘literally’ add no value to sentences and are actively discouraged. Class discussions are a daily feature to enable children to practise the use of concise points and summaries. Children are supported in structuring their responses through ‘stem sentences', (eg: "I think that.... because").

In addition, volume and body language enable children to engage with others. Eye contact, straight backs, and hands (or objects) away from faces mean children speak clearly and project their voices. In Upper Key Stage 2, these skills are practised and demonstrated through debating. Children are taught how to run, participate and engage in lively and interactive debates. They learn to listen to and share differing opinions in a safe environment. These also promote our school rules: “We are good listeners” and “We are respectful” and our British Value of tolerance.

In Year 6, children have the opportunity to take part in a debating tournament with other schools run by Latymer Upper School.